πŸš€ Type is available on the Mac App Store


Type lets you quickly jot things down with the timestamp attached, without interrupting your flow.


  • Accessible from anywhere – Launch Type via a hotkey
  • No sync issues – Your notes are stored in text files
  • Timestamp your notes – The date is automatically attached to each note
  • Quickly switch between notes – Navigate via the arrow keys
  • Customizable – Select your preferred date style

Use cases

  • Highlights – Capture thoughts for your next 1-1
  • Time tracking – See where you spend your time
  • Journaling – Write a note each day
  • Debugging – Steps to reproduce a bug
  • …and more!

Planned features

  • Option to keep the app always visible
  • Delete a note
  • Clear a note
  • Search for notes
  • Export note