📅 Expanded date formats, Reverse chronological order, and Markdown support


✨ New

  • Expanded Date Formats: Now customize your date display with more options, including date-only, time-only, and personalized formats like ISO – Thanks John, Rodney, Keir, Keaton, Peter, and Seohyun for requesting this!
  • Reverse Chronological Order: Insert new entries at the top of the file with this new option – Thanks John, Lucas, and Shawn for requesting this!
  • Improved Markdown Support: Choose between Plain text or Markdown file right from the dropdown when creating a new note – Thanks John, Rodney, and Nico for requesting this!
  • User Manual: Many of you requested a manual to list keyboard shortcuts. Access the manual in the menu bar to learn more about it – Thanks Remo, Brad, Craig and Nico for the feedback!
  • Release notes: Stay in the loop with the new changelog. A dedicated button in the toolbar will keep you informed about every new version.
  • Tooltips: Discover the app's full potential with keyboard shortcuts by hovering over buttons – Thanks Remo, Brad, and Craig for highlighting this!

💎 Improvements

  • Revamped About Screen: I added some love to this screen. Plus, find an invitation to rate the app and help me reach more users.
  • Feedback modal: The new modal encourages you to rate Type on the App Store or share feedback. Your ratings improve the app’s visibility.

🐞 Fixes

  • Note Parsing: Fixed display issue for notes without a date, ensuring a smoother experience.